6-Month-Old Taught To Water Ski By His Parents, People Criticize The Decision

Parents love to watch their kids as they indulge in their favorite activities as long as they don’t create a mess around the house. Mindi and Casey Humpherys are no different and wanted their 6-month-old baby to learn water ski as they always saw him loving the water. But when they posted the video of their baby water skiing, people were not quite impressed and sent criticism their way.


While we don’t expect much from a 6-month-old baby, these little ones often surprise us with their actions. Parents identify what makes their kids happy and would encourage them towards it.

Mindi and Casey Humpherys always saw their son, Rich, cheerful around water and planned to teach him to water ski.

Initially, they took him to swimming classes for infants. Then, they created a custom skiboard that he would use while going in for the first skiing experience on Lake Powell in Utah.

Rich’s parents ensured that he is comfortable with the board and knows his way with it before taking him to the waters. They did a lot of practice at home by strapping him in and moving around.

These practice sessions led to an incredible final water ski experience and Rich looked confident and joyful as he indulged in the adventure.

“He’s just so full of life. He loves the water,” Mindi Humpherys revealed during an interview. She had posted the video on Facebook with the caption, “World’s youngest water skier!!” Soon, the post went viral.

Worlds youngest water skier!! #worldrecord @ Lake Powell, Utah

Posted by Mindi Tagge Humpherys on Saturday, September 12, 2020

It was an adorable clip and Rich’s smile made it even better! However, there were a few people in the comments section who expressed their views about baby water skiing. They were not happy with this idea.

The family noticed these comments and said that they had paid maximum attention to Rich during this and followed all the guidelines and safety measures. He wore a life vest and held onto a huge handle. Moreover, the parents confirmed that the boat moved at just 5 miles per hour and Casey was close to Rich to hold him.

While some condemned this, there were a few people who enjoyed watching this. They were glad that his parents took him on an adventure that he loved!

One person wrote, “Get outta here. Little man’s clearly having a blast and his [dad is] right there ready to catch him IF anything were to go sideways. … Why the negativity?”

Mindi and her husband, Casey shared that the criticism didn’t baffle them as they believed it to be a concern from the other side. “I really feel like the majority of criticism comes from people caring and people just being concerned and wanting the best for our child,” Mindi said.

There might be a debate but Rich’s big smile told all about his experience and that’s what matters for the parents in the end!