Woman Refused To Attend Sister’s Wedding As It Would Cost £800/Day

A woman shared her story on the internet where she called her sister “bridezilla”. She revealed the reason behind canceling the visit to her sister’s wedding. Apparently, attending the wedding would’ve cost her £800 per person every single night. Her financial condition didn’t allow her to pay this much.


The woman, who chose to be anonymous, shared that her sister had planned a small wedding initially. She just wanted to have a simple and small wedding with her family and friends as she did mention in the invites. Later she changed the venue and booked a place that was far from everyone’s home. Furthermore, she insisted that the guests pay their own hotel bills.

The woman’s sister even decided the hotel in which the guests should stay. It was an expensive hotel on the beach which was costing the guests £800 per person/day inclusive all the charges. The woman was not willing to pay the amount. Therefore, she refused to attend the wedding.

Further, the woman added that her sister wanted a princess-styled wedding. The banquet hall that she booked for the wedding was quite a drive from most of the guests’ homes. She should’ve booked the rooms in the same hotel as per the wedding package but she didn’t do that as well. Instead, she wanted her guests to book a room in the lavish hotel which was costing £600 per night and if you want a family suite then you have to pay £200 extra.

The woman’s sister was forcing upon living in a hotel on the beach because she had booked a photographer who was supposed to take photos at 8 AM the next morning. She thought it would be easy for everyone to come for photos if they live close to the beach.

When the woman confronted her sister that she couldn’t afford to pay the hotel rent, her sister freaked out. She thought that the woman and her husband were being uncooperative. It was then the woman called her sister “bridezilla”. The sister believed that the wedding takes place only once in a lifetime. She was expecting the woman to manage the amount as being the sister, it was her responsibility to attend the wedding.

Nonetheless, the woman refused. She thought that she has her children and is responsible for them as well. There was no point in attending a wedding and then struggling for food, clothes, and shelter. A wedding was not worth losing her livelihood on. Her sister became abusive after hearing the woman’s side of the story and accused her of being selfish.

The woman then shared her story and asked for people’s opinions. The users sided with her as well. They said that the sister was being unreasonable as the woman mentioned her incapability to pay the amount. They were shocked when they heard about the sister’s behavior. It was her wedding and the guests shouldn’t have had to pay this large chunk of money.

One of them commented that there are chances that she would be alone on the beach with her husband when the photographer will come to click photos as no one would be willing to pay that much money for someone else’s wedding. They believed that there would be many more guests who must be feeling the same as the woman and her sister should start considering everyone’s budget rather than being childish before they all refuse to attend the wedding.