Woman Planned At Home Movie Date For Wife During Lockdown

From simply going out to buy groceries or to fine dining restaurants for fancy dates, everything has become way big a deal now with the current world situation. With more than half of the world locked down in one way or the other, social media is coming across innovative and interesting things that people are doing to make their lockdown worth being remembered.


Just recently on Twitter, we came across this adorable couple of two beautiful women who implemented the idea of a quarantined movie date perfectly! Allie Shapiro designed a whole plan of a date in a movie theatre at home for her wife impersonating every step involved. In appreciation of this, her wife Allison Reese, took to Twitter posting pictures and telling people about it.

Allison has uploaded pictures of the movie date showing us the adorable little details from their super cute movie set up which was, as it appears in the pictures, very expensive! Shapiro had drawn and cut out movie tickets along with a big white banner that displayed all the movie options that they could watch. However, like the real movie theatres as they say, Allison could only afford one of them. Downhill, Birds of Prey, The Lion King, The Big Lebowski, Honey Boy, and The Gentlemen were the movies listed on the banner. Must have been hard to choose one, no?

This does not end here! Shapiro had also arranged all the food like in the real movie theatres—Oreo-Nutella, pringles, dark chocolate, wild turkey, lemon water, popcorn buckets, and what not! Below the shelf that had these snacks on them, she hung up the banner hanging up a list of concessions with all the prices matching with those in real theatres.

These ladies just gave twitter some real couple goals perfect to lighten up the hard times that we are going through. Allison’s tweet had about 252k likes and twenty-six thousand retweets with so many people commenting how cute and adorable it was of her wife to have executed this locked down date flawlessly!