Woman Charges Her Cheating Ex-Boyfriend £200 To Stay In Touch

Betrayal in a relationship makes a person depressed or hurt themselves. This university girl was savage enough to not let the betrayal harm her. Instead, she broke up and made him regret his choices. Also, she made the ex-boyfriend pay her for the disloyalty as he wanted forgiveness and wanted to talk to her.


Haley Pierce, was a student and 20 years old. Haley lived in Kansas City, Missouri. She was cheated on by her boyfriend and she broke up with him. Although the former boyfriend was not okay with it, he apologized and asked for Haley’s forgiveness. In order to forgive him, she demanded him to pay her $200 a week to stay in touch with her. This cheating incident got revealed when Haley and her boyfriend went out to spend a night together in a hotel.

She opened her boyfriend’s old Tinder account and found him texting some other girls. The texts were flirtations. She immediately ended the two-year-old relationship and shared the screenshots of his dating profile on TikTok. The screenshot featured the claims that she was charging him for, the guy texted a woman on Haley’s birthday in June.

Ever since they broke up the ex-boyfriend started panicking and freaking out. She started to record him as he used to say some hysterical and crazy stuff. Haley blocked the former boyfriend from all the applications. Haley had no sympathy for him and did not feel guilty for recording him. She recorded him saying all those things as she wanted to show everyone that he was not the heart-throbbing guy that he portrays himself to be.

She was suspicious for a long time. She had a gut feeling that something was wrong. So she asked him about it. He used to add people on his Snapchat. Listening to this she wanted him to log in on his Tinder account where she found out that he was texting some other random girls on her birthday. He felt sorry about what he had done. As a pity, he bought Haley some flowers, chocolate and stuffed animals that she already had. This could not make anything right.


He was ready to do anything so that she could talk to him. The ex-boyfriend tried to call Haley through his brother’s phone. He was ready to give her all the money. She accepted the offer. He would have to pay her money to talk to him. He started paying her money every week. This led to him texting her on the money transfer application to remain in contact with her. He was also paying $300 a week on CashApp.

First, he was just paying her the money but now he was ready to pay for her meals too. He was doing all these things to get her back in his life but she had made it clear to him that nothing could happen. Everything was over between them. They were in an on-off relationship for 2 years. He got caught by Haley back in February still they got back together in April.

This 20-year-old girl studying Psychology at the University of Missouri has learned her lesson and promised herself that she won’t take him back in her life again.

Cheating on someone, again and again, makes a person regret their own choices. Haley learned her lesson sooner and broke up with the guy and started fresh. She was savage enough by making money out of a failed relationship as the guy was ready to pay her to remain in touch with him.