The Couple Is Saving £130 On Food Bills And That Made Them Lose 10 Stones Each

Overweight is definitely not something anyone would want to be. This woman decided to lose that tag and lost more than 10 stone by stop getting the takeaways. Also, she ended up saving £130 on her food bills.


In short, it was a case of win-win for Melissa Middlemiss. 5 Feet 4 inch in height, this girl from Country Durham was overweight, tipping the scales at over 20 stone. A journey from size 26 to size 6 happened just because she had put a full stop to takeaways.

31-year-old trimmed down her body and has lost over half her body weight. She quit getting kebabs, pizza, and Chinese takeaways. This way her food shopping bill has decreased from £170 to just £40. This journey was accompanied by her husband Phil as well. He has been supportive of her and has lost two-and-a-half stone himself.

Both of them wanted to have a family and were trying to conceive, however, due to body weight, they were not able to make it possible. She explained how a bowel surgery in 2016 made her gain all the weight. Due to the operation, she struggled to do the daily chores and that is how she switched to takeaways whenever she felt poorly.

Since she decided to lead a healthy lifestyle, she has been preparing fresh homemade meals for herself and Phil. She has come down to size 6 and is now a consultant at Slimming World where she runs weekly classes and is inspiring others with her weight shed.


She said that due to fresh meals she feels fresh and active now. She still holds on to some body image issues but is happy with what she has achieved and is able to help others at the same time. She sometimes can’t remember that she has reduced her body size and ends up in the section where bigger sizes are available, while she is shopping for clothes.

Her husband, Phil has decided to lose five stones further. The whole family is supportive of the lifestyle they have chosen for themselves.