Savvy Bride Spent Less than $80 On Her Lockdown Wedding Food, People Are Impressed

Weddings are an expensive affair and the couples struggle with the budget and unannounced expenses that show up despite prior planning. But one smart bride did not spend a penny more than her planned budget for her lockdown wedding. The wedding food cost her £60 (approximately $78) and she even went home with a few leftovers after the ceremony!


While some may find it hard to manage the finances while preparing for a wedding ceremony, there are others who keep a check on every dollar that they spend. This thrifty bride has proved that weddings can be organized without shelling out.

Sarah Mitchell, from Lincolnshire, spent almost $78 in total on arranging food for the guests at her wedding and even had leftovers for her family to eat the next day.
She uploaded the pictures of her smartly-budgeted ceremony and shared how she managed everything without squandering money.

Sarah shared the pictures on a Facebook group called “Feed Your Family on a Budget”. She explained, “Yesterday was my wedding day. We had a small reception at my in-laws, we spent about £60 on food, soft drinks, and pudding for 8 people. It’s also fed 6 of us today with stuff leftover for a pack up tomorrow.”


This savvy bride revealed that she would never want to spend recklessly on her wedding and so, kept everything under control. “The whole wedding was well under £500, mine and my daughters skirts cost £100,” she revealed.

The lockdown contributed to her savings too as the rules allow up to 15 guests in the venue. People have witnessed a tremendous cut down in their expenditure due to these restrictions and Sarah was one of them.

Many people who saw her post were quite surprised by the way she handled her finances for her big day. More than 5,000 people liked her post and comments kept coming in to appreciate her smartness in handling the budget.

One comment read, “Well done for reminding us that it’s possible to get married without spending what amounts to the deposit on a house.”

“That’s brilliant, congratulations! You look fabulous and that’s how a wedding should be a(my opinion) intimate,” another raved.

The pandemic has brought in many changes and new rules especially for public gatherings at an event or a celebration. In England, only 15 people would be allowed to attend any wedding ceremony. So, people are making shorter guest lists that also helps them save a lot!