Plus-Sized Woman Believes She Doesn’t Have To Settle For Any Man

A woman received a lot of praise online for standing up for herself. The woman wasn’t ashamed of her plus-sized body and felt that she shouldn’t settle for anyone because she was overweight.


Megan Fisher, a teacher by profession is originally from Pennsylvania, USA. She had always struggled with her self-confidence while growing up. During her teenage years, she was convinced that the only way she could be happy was if she lost weight. This made her try numerous diets throughout her teen and early 20s. She had tried various diets including Atkins, keto, paleo, and Isagenix. She even starved to lose a few pounds.

Remembering her struggle, she said, “My life before I moved to NYC could be described as dull. I was unmotivated to make any changes in my life, mostly due to fear, and therefore very unhappy. I was in a miserable job as a bank cashier making low wages. I was living with a boyfriend in a relationship that was not right for me. I was unhappy with my body because I did not know what happiness even was.”

She continued with, “I would never have worn a bikini until I moved to New York and found my new mindset of self-love. In high school, I was so self-conscious of my body and truly believed I would never be able to have a boyfriend until I lost weight. I was too afraid to talk to guys in high school because of how I felt about my body at that time.”

Then came January of 2014, where Megan had to go through pre-op preparation for a gastric bypass which was scheduled for the next month. She had discovered Tess Holliday and the body positive movement. She then came to realize that her identity wasn’t reflected by her looks or weight. She could be happy and later decided to leave her boyfriend, job, and moved to New York City.

Moving to a new city and starting a new life helped her realize that she could be happy and didn’t have to settle for any man. She then started showing off her body on her Instagram handle to inspire more women. She started to post her pictures in bikinis, crop tops, and shorts. This helped her to encourage more women to ditch their body insecurities.

Megan is only 29-years-old and already has a following of more than 11,000. Most of her followers have stated that it was Megan’s photographs which motivated them to lose their insecurities. While the trolls did try to destroy her morale and had called her ‘whale’ or ‘cow’. She dealt with the trolls in the best way possible, by ignoring them and their negativity.

While responding to the trolls, she said, “I think one of the hardest things has been trolls on the internet… telling me I’m going to die, or that I’m promoting obesity. At this point, it’s so played out and my health is between my doctor and I.” She then added, if you ‘don’t like it’ you can simply ‘look away’.

Megan concluded by saying that people cover themselves to hide their fat, but why not to wear comfortable clothes and be happy? She further added that she travels at least five times a year, and shares her experiences of the places and the food to try on her account.