Man Spent £6,400 Of Wedding Savings On A Gaming Computer

In an appalling incident, a bride-to-be was taken aback after discovering that her fiancé had squandered their wedding and honeymoon savings which amounted up to six thousand and four hundred pounds on a gaming computer.


This couple was saving up the money for their wedding ceremony after getting engaged in December. The bride explained that they were able to set aside an amount of eight thousand dollars in six months. The woman told that the fiancé’s best friend had purchased a gaming computer which urged him to buy one gaming computer for himself too. The woman asked him to use his laptop as he could play the games on his laptop also. But the fiancé kept pestering after her asking her if he could purchase a PC for playing games.

The woman finally agreed with him but unfortunately, she regretted it later. A week later, the PC arrived with a new gaming chair, table, a keyboard, mouse, headphones, and a microphone set which were wireless. That night she asked her fiancé that how much it cost him; he was a bit dubious to tell. It came to a shock to her when she got to know that he had spent their entire saving on the gaming computer. That night, they were at loggerheads and the woman yelled at her fiancé for spending their entire savings.

She was agonized because of him spending the savings as it included her money too. But that was not all, things went downhill. Her fiancé was glued to his computer all the time. He only talked to her when he was hungry and asked her to get him something to eat or drink. She explained he refused to watch television with her saying that he was busy. He even denied when the woman asked him to sleep together saying that he will sleep later.

His gaming habits changed his sleeping patterns completely. He used to play all night and went to bed at 5 am and didn’t wake up until two in the afternoon. He didn’t even get up from his chair and weeks had passed by since he had seen her fiancée’s face. She had no one with whom she could talk. It was so disturbing for her that it made her feel that she did not even exist in his life. He was ignoring her to this extent that it made her feel that she was not more than a waitress to him. She did all the house-hold chores as he barely brushed and bathed.

He was supposed to work from home but he didn’t even bother to check his phone whether someone had tried to contact him. The woman was genuinely afraid that he might lose his job. She took this to social media to ask the users about what should she do.

Most users asked her to dump him since marrying him would only add more resentment in their relationship. Some others said that maybe the man was doing all this on purpose so that she would call off the wedding herself.