Bride Got Slammed Online For Humiliating Wedding Photo

A wedding photograph went viral on Reddit and got slammed by its users. Reddit users commented about the photo being sexist and, that the bride had no self-respect. The bride got harshly criticized for the pose she and her new husband gave for the controversial photo. The creativity of the photographer got marked as sexist.


A wedding photo-shoot is one of the main events on the day of the wedding. Both the bride and groom look forward to getting their photos done as a married couple. Whereas the photographers try to make this experience as memorable as possible for the couple. Every photographer has some shots that are common in every wedding picture. Like the photo of the groom seeing her bride walk down the aisle and the photo of the couple kissing just after saying the word “I do”.

A few of the other signature shots include parents shedding tears during the ceremony and wedding toasts.

A photo taken on their big day started a debate war on Reddit. The pose newlyweds did was where the bride was trying to clean the car tire with her wedding dress and groom giving some kind of instruction from inside the car. This photo caused outrage on Reddit.

Hmmmm from weddingshaming

The photograph caught a lot of attention on Reddit. The photograph was posted with the caption, “Hmmm”. Many users resented their disapproving comments and opinions. The unappealing view of the groom on the driver seat pointing at the tier, while the bride sitting on her knees wearing her wedding dress made netizens question the photographer and the couple. Netizens found the pose sexist and demeaning to women.

This photo might not have been the only absurd wedding trend to date. But it faced a lot of hate on Reddit. It pushed a few buttons and made people angry.

A user commented on how the bride does not have self-respect and added that this photo showed how her husband loves the car more than her. Further, the user wrote that it would be sad if one day their daughter sees the picture. Another user said that the photo is sexist and it is humiliating the bride’s integrity. The third user joked on how the fabric of the wedding gown is not good for polishing the tire hub caps.

Another user went ahead and called the groom materialistic and the user wanted to see a photo with roles reversed. He demanded to see the groom cleaning the hub caps with his tuxedo tail. Out of many comments, one read that there are many judgmental people just thinking that only the groom loves the car. The bride might share the same interests.

Another saw this photo and it made her remember the photo she took in the same pose while wearing a graduation robe. She added that she will do the same for her wedding photos.

If they both share the same interest, who are others to judge! People don’t know the story behind the photo. This photo might be an inside joke that they want to remember for a long time together.