Battling Brain Tumor, This 7-Year-Old Is Requesting People To Send Her Messages From Their Dogs

Animals have an amazing power of comforting people which is recognized even more when a person is sick and in need of love way more than usual. A 7-year-old girl battling brain tumor is fond of dogs and having them around makes her the happiest. She is now receiving heartwarming messages from dogs all around the world after her sweet wish.


When the pain strikes, all one needs is love! Enduring the tough times requires so much strength which only comes when you are surrounded by people and things you love. For Emma Mertens, 7, this strength came from dogs. She is suffering from a very rare form of brain tumor which cannot be treated by surgeries and all she demands is letters from the dogs.

Her one adorable wish has reached so many people and the response is overwhelming! Such incredible acts leave us crying tears of joy.

Her treatment is quite expensive and a GoFundMe account is helping her family with that. Her family needs to give undivided attention to her in this phase of struggle which is possible only if they have enough money to buy her medical requirements. This is what the page that is helping raise money explains. The description reads, “By donating, you can help lift the financial burden on this family so that they can just focus on being present with Emma and her two brothers.”


People have been supporting this fund which has led to over $120,000 being raised so far. Apart from the money, the little girl’s wish to receive letters from dogs is also being granted. That’s the cutest thing on the internet!

People are writing the sweetest messages from their pups and they all are reaching Emma! In one post, the dog Woody sent kisses to her with a wish to play ball with her. This kind of love flowed in from all around the world and we hope it never ends.

Emma’s family has created a Facebook page for her and are asking people to share the endearing words from their dogs on that page. They are grateful for all the love that is sent her way which has made her smile a lot more! Furry friends are spreading happiness all around!

The fight with the tumor is exhausting but we are sure Emma will win this battle! Send her some wishes especially from your dogs, that’s all we would say.