BarkBox Super Chewer Review: Do They Offer The Toughest Dog Toys?

Have you spent a little too many dollars while buying new toys for your dogs as they are tough chewers or basically, toy-destroyers? BarkBox Super Chewer dog subscription box steps in to your rescue!


BarkBox is offering a heavy chewer box for dogs who are in need of more durable and definitely tougher toys. However, the questions arise – Are those toys actually durable? Is Super Chewer able to increase your dog’s playtime and help you save on toys? Lastly, what would happen if they fall to pieces?

Here, in this Barkbox Super Chewer review, we will provide answers to all these questions and even a few more that might emerge. Let’s begin!

All About BarkBox Super Chewer Box

Super Chewer is basically a monthly subscription box that’s made particularly for aggressive and heavy chewers.

Once you take the subscription and confirm your order, your first-ever box will be shipped instantly. Now, on the 15th of every month, you’ll be receiving a themed collection that consists of super-tough toys, chews, and treats.

BarkBox has designed these toys for “super chewer” dogs by incorporating highly innovative technology. They have aimed at building the next generation of the most durable toys that can survive the treatment of the toughest chewers.

What All Does A Super Chewer Box Has?

Each BarkBox Super Chewer Box has 2 really tough toys (fluff-free always), 2 meaty all-natural chews, and 2 full-size bags filled with treats (these are customizable according to diet preferences and allergies).

Thankfully, these dog boxes are customizable to a great extent. Although you won’t be able to choose the exact toys and treats that you want, you can communicate your pooch’s ingredient choices or any allergies easily. Also, you will be able to ask for more toys and lesser treats or vice-versa.

In addition to this, a toy-only option exists too. However, to request such a box, you’ll have to directly contact them as it doesn’t appear in the options while you checkout. The monthly charges for this option can vary.

How are they so durable?

Super Chewer Dog Toys

Here’s the list of the materials that this company makes use of while designing these super-durable dog toys:
• Solid Nylon
• Woven Nylon Strap
• Rubber
• Rope
• Fabric-covered Rubber

Due to the presence of these materials, Super Chewer dog toys are able to stand up to all sorts of chomping. The engineers at BarkBox design these toys to ensure that your dog is never bored while playing with them by adding entertaining and refreshing elements to them. The tough toys include floating toys, treat-dispensing toys, and easy-to-fetch toys.

Diving Into Super Chewer Chews And Treats

Your dog’s Super Chewer box contains all-natural treats and chews and they are the products of the USA or Canada, with ingredients that are either domestic or imported. You won’t have to worry as all the edibles are always, soy, corn, and wheat-free. Also, there are allergy options available if your pooch wants them.

Price Of The BarkBox Super Chewer Box

Your monthly charges are lower if you sign up for more and more boxes!

There are 3 different monthly subscription plans offered by the company. Following are their prices:
• For 1 month – $45/box
• For 3 months – $35/box
• For 12 months- $30/box
• For $9/month, get an extra toy in each box

The company even offers gift boxes if you ever wish to present a treat or two to your friend’s pooch. Here are the prices:
• 1 month – $45
• 3 months – $109
• 6 months – $210
• 12 months – $360

Pros and Cons of Super Chewer:

First, let’s glance over the pros:
• Treats are always prepared in the USA and Canada
• Free shipping is offered in the United States (Alaska and Hawaii are exceptions here)
• No wheat, corn, and soy used
• 100% satisfaction is guaranteed
• Carefully considered features for customer service
• User-friendly and convenient website offering hassle-free checkout
• Discount deals for veterans and military
• Boxes with impressive themes
• Each box contains more than $50 worth of treats, chews, and toys
• Toy-only option can be availed by contacting customer service
• Awesome reviews from customers
• Six products in every box
• Beef, turkey, and chicken allergies are considered

Now, let’s weigh the cons:
• They don’t offer any discount if there are multiple dogs involved
• The subscriptions are renewed automatically. So, you’ll have to cancel yours manually.

Impressive Themes Of BarkBox Super Chewer

The variations in every box that arrives at your doorstep for your dog to savor make the whole box attractive, fun, and thrilling. The toys, chews, and treats are designed with a special theme every month! Check out a few examples below:

BarkBox Super Chewer: Deals And Coupons

Are you in search of a BarkBox Super Chewer promo code? Here’s a link that will grant your wishes and you can receive the most amazing offers from the company.