A Woman Earned $2500 On GoFundMe After Tinder Date Calls Her Fat

Jade Savage, excited to meet her tinder date, traveled almost 41 miles to meet her date only to be disappointed after he calls her fat. Naturally, the date lasted only 5 minutes after which Savage had to catch another train back to her home in Peterborough, UK. In order to recoup the cost on travelling, she jokingly set up a GoFundMe page and instead received a mind blowing response from Strangers.


Tinder dates are quite uneventful. But there are times when you come across one of a kind Tinder stories that just makes you wonder, “Shouldn’t Tinder be banned for these people?”.

Jade Savage, 28, was all ready to meet her tinder date for which she had to travel from Syston, Leicestershire, UK to Peterborough, UK. It wasn’t their first date as she had met the man three times before taking a break as the man wanted to take another woman out.

Though, when the man asked her out again, she wasn’t expecting the reaction she got from him. During the one month gap, Savage had gained six pounds before he asked her out again. Upon seeing her, exclaimed that she had put some weight on.

Shocked and humiliated, Jade couldn’t believe what she was hearing and asked why he would say something like that. However, he didn’t stop there and continued with, “Well, it’s the truth”.

In an interview with The Sun she said, “It was clear he wanted to call the whole thing off but I still hoped we could have a nice time so we went to his car. But he said, ‘I can say it, it’s a fact. You have put some weight on, so therefore I can joke about it”.

Offended, Savage called him a prick after which he went in a frenzy. He drove her back to the station and offered her the cost of the train ticket which she refused and left.

“I didn’t need him to judge me. I like the way I look and his opinion is irrelevant.”

It was after that one of Jade’s friend proposed she set up a fundraising page to get her money back. She jokingly set up the page and wrote: “Date called me fat and got offended when I told him he was rude and acting like a prick. So took me back to the train station 5 minutes later. He then offered to give me 90 Euros travel money back and blocked me when I said yeah. Just want to make my 90 Euros travel money back so I can buy wine and sticks of lard”.

Little did she imagine that her story would go viral and she would receive such overwhelming support from the public. Jade has decided that she will donate some of the money to a woman’s shelter and a suicide prevention society.